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Welcome to FragSoc!

FragSoc is the University of York’s Video Gaming and LAN society as part of the University of York Student Union. We are a Games and Fandom society, dedicated to all types of gaming for all skill levels. We run 8 LAN parties a year, participate in Roses and host weekly social events and in-houses.

FragSoc is also the University’s hub for esports tournaments, participating in NSE, NUEL, ESL Masters and many other UK competitions as well as hosting Roses each term, we field teams for a range of games to compete in NSE and NUEL tournaments, as well as ESL Masters, ETF2L, RotR and much more!




Every year, we help the University of York to organise the esports events in Roses, an annual sports tournament against Lancaster University.

Frag Smash


Our Super Smash Bros. tournaments, Rite of the Rose, run 2-3 times a year with players competing from all over the UK.



Curious to meet the ones who run the society? Have any unanswered questions? Take a look at our committee list and find out who to contact.

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