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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join FragSoc?

Regardless of whether you stumbled across the society at a Fresher’s fair or through our social media, you’ll need to pay for membership to be recognised as a FragSoc member! This can be done through the YUSU website or directly to the Treasurer in cash. The price for a year’s membership is £5 and attendance to LAN is also £5 per event. This can be paid in full at the beginning of the term or upon attendance.

What do I need to bring with me to LAN?




Your gaming PC/laptop/console

A monitor (no more than one allowed)

Video cables

Headphones (speakers not allowed)


Mouse & mouse mat

Money for food orders/vending machines/local shops

Snacks and drinks (no alcoholic drinks permitted)

A pillow and sleeping bag/duvet (if staying overnight)

FragSoc occasionally runs a taxi service for those who have a lot of equipment to transport. Details for arranging carpools can be found on the Discord or Facebook page and the porters on campus are available to provide trolleys, free of charge.

How do I get to LAN?


The Exhibition Centre is located on Heslington West and is where we hold most of our LAN events. It overlooks the lake and can be found next to the YUSU Centre with limited parking outside.

The other location we tend to hold our LAN events is the Law and Management building, located on Heslington East. Next door to Goodricke College’s reception and near the Computer Science and TFTI departments, the main entrance is accessible through the automatic, revolving doors.

What do I do when I arrive at LAN?


After PAT testing and setting up all of your equipment with the kit provided, you are welcome to start playing anything you wish straight away. LANs typically run for 2-3 nights, starting at 6pm on a Friday or 12pm on a Saturday and ending at 6pm on Sunday.


The events we run during the LAN will be announced before the event via the Discord, as well as over the PA system during LAN. If you are struggling to look for a party to play a specific title, feel free to ask a committee member at any time during the event.

The games we schedule are typically widely owned and/or free. It is recommended that you pre-install any games you wish to play ahead of schedule so you don’t miss out!


New players are welcome to every session as we play a wide variety of games and LAN events are often very casual so all skill levels can participate. If we are holding a tournament, teams will be sorted out in advance of the scheduled event and may be streamed and casted on the big screen too!

Every LAN, we have a group pizza order where we have a half-price deal with Domino’s, however there is also a fish and chips option available too. We will announce the taking of orders over the PA at around 4pm on a Saturday and the Treasurer will go around collecting cash at the designated time. Players are not permitted to eat meals at their desk. Light snacks and drinks are allowed with the exception of any alcohol, but please try to keep any mess to a minimum. Bin bags are provided at the end of tables.

Will my equipment be safe if I leave it overnight?


The building the event is taking place in is locked overnight and only those attending the event can gain access. At least one member of committee, as well as those staying overnight, will be in the room guarding the PCs at all times. We have a track record of zero incidents of stolen or broken equipment in our entire history as a society so things will be in safe hands should you choose to leave the building.

How do I join a team for NSE or NUEL?


Each term, our Esports Officers will release a form for each game that is running on the Discord. Simply fill out your details before the deadline and, depending on the game, a drafting event will be planned to choose team captains and groups of similar skill levelled players. These teams will accommodate for players of any and all skill levels so we encourage you to sign up if you are interested in esports!

How do I stream on the FragSoc Twitch channel?


Much like the team forms, our Stream Managers will release a form to collect a list of streamers who have shown an interest in streaming on the FragSoc Twitch channel. We welcome streamers of all experience levels – if you’re a regular affiliate, a weekly streamer or want to try something completely new! Once we’ve scheduled a streamer for each day, the Stream Managers will get in contact and send you all the assets and keys necessary!

Additionally, we would like to help our community members to advertise their own channels and streams if they would rather stream on their own rather than through the FragSoc Twitch. If you are interested in promoting your own channel, please contact the Stream Managers and they will give you more information on how we can aid you.

Can I buy FragSoc/UoY Esports merchandise?


Our clothing store is now back online! Head on over to check out our FragSoc/UoY Esports jerseys & hoodies.  

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